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Friday, 29 March 2013

How to Remove Virus Shortcut in Flashdisk With Command Prompt (CMD)

Most of the computer users are hanged now because of facing the shortcut virus problem in Removable disk like pendrive.

The steps are as follows:

1. Open the Command Prompt via Start -> All programs -> Accessories -> Command Prompt.atau the RUN menu and type cmd and then click OK / press ENTER
2. We find out in advance where the location of the shortcut that we want to remove, for example in W drive, then type attrib-h-r-s / s / dw: \ *. *

-h: to unhide all files on drive W
-r: create the files in drive W is free of read-only attribute.
-s: making all files on drive W to be not part of the system again, so easy in the clear
w: w drive (change according to the state of PC / laptop)
*. *: All files ending in

3. Press enter and wait a few moments.
4. After that check your flash, now you try removing one at a time or in full.
5. Good luck


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